Past & Present Projects


  1. Boundary resolution on a property line dispute involving the encroachment of an apartment building and a brick wall.
  2. Prescriptive Rights issue involving neighbor utilizing area designated for utility use.
  3. Location of contamination test holes inside a private ingress and egress easement.
  4. Location of fiber optic line with relation to a public road dedication
  5. Encroachment of Fence and Landscaping improvements

Airport Projects:

  1. Topographic control and construction staking for new taxiways (Mojave Airport)
  2. Topographic control and construction staking for runway addition (Tehachapi Airport)
  3. As-built of demarcation lines, hold lines, and runway striping (Delano Airport)
  4. Cross Section for Runway addition (Mojave Airport)

Following are some of the various boundary surveys that we have conducted:

  1. Boundary Resolution of over 4 miles at the Bitter Creek Wildlife Refuge
  2. Property survey in the Santa Susanna Mountains involving a resolution of the county line and a subdivision line.
  3. Boundary Survey for Hyundai Site involving over 4,600 acres (California City)
  4. Boundary Survey involving 2,000 acres north of Bakersfield
  5. Resolve Boundary Kern Wildlife Refuge
  6. Boundary Windwolves Preserve

ALTA/ACSM Surveys:

  1. RailEX Facility (Delano)
  2. Baker-Hughes Facility (Bakersfield)
  3. Sears Facility (Delano)
  4. National Health Services (Shafter)

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